Behind Our Scenes

12/11/2009 - 2/13/2010

Pittsburgh’s art establishments act as a uniting creative force. Our museums and galleries bring local, national, and international artworks to the public stage. Looking deeper, one will find that many of the people working behind the scenes of that stage make up their own artistic community working artists who spend much of their time and energy promoting the artwork of others.

Our goal for Behind Our Scenes was twofold. We wanted to both give the artists working ‘backstage’ in Pittsburgh’s art scene their own chance in the spotlight as well as provide an opportunity to celebrate and further unite this community of artists.

The 33 individuals showcased in Behind Our Scenes are artists whose jobs range from customer service representative to curator, installer to art educator. Each has worked to coordinate both internationally renowned exhibits as well as local showcases celebrating Pittsburgh’s artistic diversity.

In its first year, we believe that Behind Our Scenes has been successful in bringing this group of artists into the spotlight, and hope that these individuals continue to receive the recognition they deserve as both artists and crucial members of Pittsburgh’s museum and gallery community.

Enjoy the show!

Laura Mustio and Nicole Rosato

*Behind Our Scenes artists represent the following Pittsburgh art museums and galleries:

The Carnegie Museum of Art, Oakland
The Mattress Factory, North Side
The Andy Warhol Museum, North Side
Fe Gallery, Lawrenceville
Future Tenant, Downtown
Wood Street Galleries, Downtown