Ryan Keene, Alexandra Watrous, Matthew Paul Isaacson, Karen Rich Beall, Meghan Olson, Gail Heidel, Delanie Jenkins, Traci Molloy, Chris Craychee, Aimee Manion, Wendy Osher, Ana Kovacic, Tim Kellner, Staycee Pearl, Yuko Oda and Theodore Johnson, Jay Stuckey and Brian Dick, Thommy Conroy and Tommy Bones

9/23/2011 - 11/20/2011

SPACE will be filled with over 20,000 free pieces of art, created with the intent that viewers will interact with the artwork by “extracting” a piece, placing the gallery in a constant state of flux, change, and loss. Artists Delanie Jenkins will be present at the gallery on Thursdays between 12-3, from September 29-November 3. During the gallery crawl there will be live music by Broccofeather (Jonathan Chamberlain).