Surabhi Saraf + Ian Smith-Heisters

9/25/2015 - 9/25/2015

Surabhi Saraf will perform “Grains” at the Peirce Studio at 10pm, on 9/25, admission is free.

Peirce Studio, 805-807  Liberty Avenue (Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Education & Community Engagement Building, basement level)

GRAINS is an original audio-visual performance deals with expanding the sonic energy that resides in a single grain of sound. The performance explores the visual and sonic amplification of domestic food grains and their transformation into a collection of solid grains that flow like liquid as they multiply. Layering her vocals on top of the flowing grains, Surabhi Saraf weaves a rich tapestry of sounds, multiplied and fragmented, creating dynamic textures and immersive architectural soundscapes. It was first performed at the Asian Art Museum in May, 2013. In this collaboration with Ian Smith-Heisters, the visual space is transformed by projections that pulsate alongside the sound, magnifying the performance’s granular energy.

Credits for Grains:

Vocals + electronics: Surabhi Saraf
Visuals + custom software: Ian Smith-Heisters