Non-Punk Pittsburgh, Curated by Dennis Childers and Larry Rippel

Kevin Brunelle, Stephanie Beroes, Dennis Childers, Tom Jefferson, Janet (Jan) McGough, Scott Mervis, Karl Mullen, Martha Rial, Larry Rippel, Stacy Weiss, Harriet Stein, Steve Sciulli, Bruce Tovsky, Lorraine Vullo , Bill Wade , Tracy Wuischpard, A.T.S., Actual Size, The Five, Cardboards, Carsickness, DaShunts, Dress Up As Natives, Gates of Wrath, No Shelter, Moist

4/7/2017 - 6/18/2017

Non-Punk Pittsburgh

Curated by Dennis Childers and Larry Rippel

Exhibition run: April 7 (opening 5:30-10pm) through  June 18, 2017

A retrospective of the music and arts during the fall of the industrial revolution opening the door for the vibrant arts community Pittsburgh has today.

Exhibition Opening: DJ by Get Hip record label with live music April 7th, 5:30-10pm

Gallery Crawl, April 21 (5:30-10pm): album release with live performance by Carsickness

Happy Hour Jam Sessions will be held every Friday from 6-9 during the exhibition

June 2, 10pm-midnight: Standing Wave – Dennis Childers, Steve Sciulli, Paul Michael Ferraro

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Photography, Film, Art, Music, and Words by

Kevin Brunelle

Stephanie Beroes

Dennis Childers

Tom Jefferson

Janet (Jan) McGough

Scott Mervis

Karl Mullen

Martha Rial

Larry Rippel

Stacy Weiss

Harriet Stein

Steve Sciulli

Bruce Tovsky

Lorraine Vullo

Bill Wade

Tracy Wuischpard

Music and video by


Actual Size

The Five




Dress Up As Natives

Gates of Wrath

No Shelter


Punk Posters by

CAPA 6-12 Visual Art students, and YOU