Public Record: Pittsburgh Biennial 2014

Curated by Murray Horne. Artists: Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Susanne Slavick, Matt Biederman (along with Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Marko Peljhan, Brian Springer), Caroline Record, Paul Rosenblatt, Martha Rial, Rafael Abreu-Canedo, Paolo Pedercini, Two Girls Working:Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki

9/26/2014 - 11/9/2014

Curated by Murray Horne

Love, Absurdity, Surveillance, Gaming and Identity are exposed in “Public Record”, a nine person multimedia exhibition in celebration of Pittsburgh Artists.

SPACE is Public Record for Pittsburgh Biennial 2014 from PFPCA on Vimeo.


Participating artists (click on their names to be directed to their Biennial artist biography page)

Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Susanne Slavick

Matt Biederman,  Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Marko Peljhan and Brian Springer

Caroline Record

Paul Rosenblatt (exhibiting at 707 Penn Gallery – click for walking directions from SPACE)

Martha Rial

Rafael Abreu-Canedo

Paolo Pedercini

Two Girls Working:Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki



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