Rock, Paper, Scissors

4/2/2010 - 5/23/2010

Guest Curator: Jill Larson from FE
Opening reception: April 2nd, 8pm-midnight
Molly’s Trolley’s provides FREE shuttle service between all three galleries on the opening night.

Artists Image Resource (AIR): “Paper Thoughts” at 6pm
Fe Arts Gallery: “Sloppy Cut, Dress Ups” at 7:30pm
SPACE: “Melting Bling” at 9:30pm

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an art exhibition linking 3 unique Galleries located in 3 distinct Pittsburgh neighborhoods and featuring local, national and international artists opening April 2, 2010.

Each venue will focus on 1 of the 3 titular materials-Rock at SPACE in the Cultural District, encompassing work ranging from video to installation art; Paper at Artists Image Resource (AIR) on the historical North Side, presenting intricate paper cut-outs, sculpture, and more; and Scissors at cutting-edge Fe in Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh’s newest arts scene, featuring all things sharp and some shiny, including electric and kinetic elements. Approximately 40 of the region’s most talented artists have been selected to contribute work related to 1 of the 3 materials.

The exhibition title reflects the playful competition of the children’s game that inspired it: as competitors, the 3 Galleries take turns winning. The triangle of Galleries, like the triangle of Rivers, represents a spirit of cooperation among the collaborating participants and a linking of diverse neighborhoods that characterize the city.

Molly’s Trolley shuttle service will be providing complimentary rides among the 3 Galleries on opening night.

Jill Larson